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San Diego Eminent Domain Cases Push Boundaries

Posted on April 15 2015 by Gabriela Ocampo

Due to the popularity of courtroom dramas on television and in the movies, most people are aware that the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution confirms that no person need be compelled to testify against himself in a court of law. That same amendment however, includes a clause that has given rise to many disputes between private citizens and various levels of government – the ’eminent domain’ clause. It states that no person can be deprived of property for public use ‘without just compensation’.

Eminent domain contention

While this may seem straightforward enough, those last three words have created enough ambiguity for both sides that hordes of court cases are instigated, and many more disputes are settled before actually going to trial. What may seem to be ‘just compensation’ to a municipal government or public transportation system may seem outrageously low to the citizen who owns the property. If the difference cannot be resolved between the two parties, legal representation is generally required in order to ensure that the intent of the 5th Amendment is carried out.

Nor is ‘just compensation’ the only point of the Constitutional Amendment that comes into question in eminent domain cases. Courts are also clogged with cases where the citizen or private company alleges abuse of the eminent domain clause, because property seizure was not truly necessary for the public interest. Many properties have been seized at the urging of influential entities like corporations needing that property for personal gain.

Whom to call

When you have fallen victim to either of these two scenarios, or something very similar, the firm to contact for San Diego eminent domain cases is Century Law Group. The attorneys for Century Law Group have no conflict of allegiance in such cases, because they have never ever represented the agency or organization invoking the eminent domain clause. From the beginning, they have always taken the side of the property owner to attain full market value for the property in question, and will not allow the rights of their clients to be infringed upon through the invocation of eminent domain.

Since their history of success in San Diego eminent domain cases is widely known, the vast majority of their cases involving governmental agencies or public organizations are settled before those cases ever go to trial – but Century Law Group is nonetheless fully prepared to press the case in a court of law if need be. This is particularly advisable when the only offer forthcoming is one clearly below fair market value, and does not represent a good faith amount to the property owner.

No property owner should ever feel intimidated by the cumulative weight of a public organization or local governmental department. Certainly they do have power, but even they are compelled by law to provide reasonable payment for lands seized in the public interest, and Century Law Group is always prepared to act as an advocate for the less powerful party, and ensure that justice is done with regard to compensation.

If you feel that your property is threatened by seizure unjustly, or that the sum you have been offered for that property is not ‘just compensation’ for its true value, you don’t have to settle for the scraps you’ve been offered. Call Century Law Group for all San Diego eminent domain cases, and enlist the aid of a team that will fight for you to get everything you are truly entitled to, and ensure that the real intent of the law is enforced.