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Experienced California Attorneys Challenging The Government’s Right To Take

Most government agencies have the power of eminent domain. In California specifically, almost 400 municipalities have created redevelopment agencies with eminent
domain power.

However, on occasion there are instances where a successful challenge of a taking could be made when necessity or public use is not found. More likely, a successful challenge can be made to the government’s initial compensation offer for the taking.

In Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California and Texas, we are the experienced eminent domain lawyers who can effectively advocate for your property owner rights.

Our skilled team of eminent domain attorneys can assist you with seeking a higher compensation for your property interest: for fixtures and equipment as well as improvements, to name just a few factors. We excel at handling business valuations and relocations, and provide clients with every detail of the condemnation process.

At the conclusion of our collaboration, you will know that your rights have been thoroughly protected. Our reputation for positive results is recognized across the state.

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