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The Role Of Business Relocation In Eminent Domain Cases

As a California business owner or homeowner impacted by an eminent domain or condemnation proceeding, you may wish to seek compensation through the Uniform Relocation Act.

You could benefit from the costs of relocating your home or business, in addition to the fair compensation you could receive for the taken property.

Century Law Group, LLP’s experienced eminent domain attorneys can guide you through the process and help you understand the benefits to which you are entitled to receive.

Our skilled lawyers represent property owners seeking relocation benefits resulting from an eminent domain or condemnation lawsuit. We know how to protect your rights in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Texas and statewide.

California’s Experienced In Eminent Domain Representation

We help business owners and homeowners identify and obtain the benefits they are entitled to receive. We help you to evaluate your claim and maintain leasehold interests.

Through negotiation and strict attention to detail, we work hard to safeguard your interests.

Century Law Group, LLP’s lawyers help you to recover fair relocation benefits and expenses arising from a condemnation, which includes:

  • Storage of personal and business property for one year
  • Taxes concerning replacement property purchases
  • Closing costs and recording fees
  • Inventory expenses resulting from transportation and disassembly of machinery and equipment
  • Moving of equipment and machinery to a new location
  • Costs for reassembly
  • Other business and licensing fees

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