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Experienced Advocacy For The “Just Compensation” You Deserve

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article 1, Section 19 of the California Constitution both state that the government must pay “just compensation” in order to take a citizen’s private property.

Generally, “just compensation” is sought for the value of the real property being taken, improvements to the property, such as fixtures and equipment, and business goodwill. Just compensation for these items is generally the “fair market value” of the property as of a particular date.

At Century Law Group, LLP our seasoned, successful team of eminent domain attorneys fights hard to improve your chances of receiving just compensation during a government taking of your land. Our years of combined experience with favorable negotiated and litigated outcomes for appreciative clients are proof that we can help.

The Attorneys In Eminent Domain Representation Statewide

Are you seeking compensation for fixtures, equipment or other assets of your business, in addition to improvements made over the years? We have the lawyers who can protect your landowner rights, and yours alone — we never represent the government.

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