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Experienced Inverse Condemnation Attorneys In California

Inverse condemnation is defined as the government taking or damaging property without first paying just compensation or filing a lawsuit to acquire the property.

This can happen with a physical taking — a land seizure, denial of access or continued possession with a lease’s expiration. It may also occur when the government regulates property in ways that unreasonably restricts its use.

In inverse condemnation cases, the landowner — not the government — initiates the action. The landowner or business owner alleges that the government has acquired an interest in the use of property without just compensation as a result of the government’s action or regulation.

If your home or business property is in danger of being taken by government under eminent domain laws, these are the kinds of facts you need before you decide to file a lawsuit. At Century Law Group, LLP, our attorneys ensure that you are educated, and your rights are protected, throughout the legal process.

Our lawyers excel at in-depth investigation of your claim, negotiation for a favorable outcome and litigation in court if necessary. The attentive personalized service we provide is second to none. We serve clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Texas and statewide.

Century Law Group, LLP — In California Eminent Domain Representation

Inverse condemnation actions typically occur when the government has over-regulated a property, to the degree that it cannot be fairly used. Not every regulation restricting the use of property can amount to a constitutional taking.

Our law firm’s experienced condemnation attorneys can assist landowners or business owners with initiation of inverse condemnation actions, alleging that property or their business was effectively taken, and the landowner has the right to seek just compensation for the taking.

Inverse condemnation and regulatory takings can be more complex than other types of eminent domain cases. The property owner or business owner must prove that his or her land or business has been rendered useless, or so significantly reduced in value by government over-regulation, that a constitutional taking is justified. We can advocate for your claim for just compensation.

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