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Compensation For Improvements In Eminent Domain Cases

Business owners whose land and facilities are in danger of being taken by the government’s powers of eminent domain deserve credit — compensation — for the property’s fixtures and equipment, as well as improvements to the business that would otherwise be lost.

These improvements are defined as “any machinery or equipment installed for use on property taken by eminent domain,” which cannot be removed from the property without substantial economic loss or damage to the property. These improvements are often referred to as “fixtures and equipment.”

Let Us Protect Your Rights And Financial Interests

If your company’s physical structure and commercial real estate have been targeted for a full or partial take by government, we can protect your rights — just as we have for business owners throughout the state for many years.

We are the skilled eminent domain attorneys at Century Law Group, LLP. We serve clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Texas and statewide.

When it comes to accurate property valuation, business relocation, compensation for improvements and other factors specific to eminent domain, our lawyers provide every benefit that has led to our track record of success — aggressive advocacy, careful guidance, proven skills in negotiation and litigation, and personalized service that is second to none.

California’s Experienced Attorneys In Eminent Domain Representation

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