Experienced Eminent Domain Representation for California and Texas Clients
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Experienced Eminent Domain Representation That Protects Your Rights

Century Law Group, LLP’s eminent domain attorneys possess a wealth of experience in a wide variety of condemnation-related issues in Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Texas and throughout the state. These issues range from the very simple to the extremely complex, including:

  • Total and partial takings
  • Loss of access
  • Loss of development potential
  • Physical destruction to property during construction — and many more

During our lawyers’ combined decades of successful service to clients statewide, we have effectively handled eminent domain and other valuation cases for owners of a broad range of properties: industrial buildings, warehouses, apartment complexes, subsidized housing, shopping centers, commercial development property, agricultural property, automobile dealerships, food processing facilities, office buildings, residential development property, restaurants and corporate headquarter complexes.

Century Law Group, LLP clients get the facts they need about public use and the eminent domain process; just compensation; methods for challenging the government’s right to take; business valuation and relocation; inverse condemnation; and all other aspects of the process. We offer the comprehensive command of eminent domain law, proven skills and attentive personalized service that get real results.

The Experienced In California Eminent Domain Law Cases

More than 90 percent of our cases settle before a trial. And yet we are always fully prepared to advise clients to take unreasonable offers to trial. Our openness to the possibility of litigation creates leverage against the government.

Century Law Group, LLP fights hard to protect its clients’ property rights. Arrange your initial consultation by calling toll free — 866-779-6353. We respond promptly to all email inquiries.