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Intriguing Los Angeles Eminent Domain Cases

The process of eminent domain, that by which a government entity may take possession of a property for the price of fair market value… Read More

San Diego Eminent Domain Cases Push Boundaries

Due to the popularity of courtroom dramas on television and in the movies, most people are aware that the 5th Amendment… Read More

Riverside Eminent Domain Cases Pick Up Steam

If the power of eminent domain or inverse condemnation is being used to acquire your property, you need to know your rights… Read More

Interesting Developments in Sacramento Eminent Domain Cases

Sacramento eminent domain cases can be a challenge for anyone, even government employees and the holders of certificates… Read More

Sacramento Inverse Condemnation Attorney

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Center has filed amici curiae brief in support of Sacramento-San… Read More

Orange County Inverse Condemnation Attorney

The California Court of Appeal has okayed a beneficial spot zoning program in Orange County that had been opposed by the communities at Foothill… Read More

San Diego Inverse Condemnation Attorney

The use of a San Diego inverse condemnation attorney for handling inverse condemnation cases is generally the best idea, as most individuals are not skillful in identifying what would constitute fair compensation… Read More

Los Angeles Inverse Condemnation Attorney

There have been many occasions in which a Los Angeles inverse condemnation attorney could have rendered their services successfully in the defense of a land owner against a government entity… Read More

Orange County Eminent Domain

Orange County has gained a certain notoriety over the years for eminent domain abuse. The worst of this abuse occurred during the days of municipal redevelopment agencies (RDAs), which… Read More

San Diego Eminent Domain

There is a movement afoot among California’s municipalities to bring back to the scene the infamous redevelopment agencies (RDAs) that were outlawed… Read More

Sacramento Eminent Domain

One of the major news stories in Sacramento revolved around the fight to build a new Kings arena on a piece of land that was formerly a Macy’s department store. The current owners; CalPERS and… Read More

Los Angeles Eminent Domain

According to the Fifth Amendment, the government has the right to purchase property from landowners to help improve… Read More

A Tale of Eminent Domain in CA

Recently, the building of the $68 billion high-speed rail system broke ground in California as the first in the United States to get underway… Read More

Inverse Condemnation, Regulatory Takings

The use of an inverse condemnation or a regulatory taking are ways that government agencies use the law to make property owners… Read More

Steal This Land – Is Eminent Domain Always in the Public Interest?

There exists a long-standing U.S. tradition of recognizing the right of a federal, state, or local government to purchase for fair market value any property that is… Read More

Case of Eminent Domain Resonates Years After Supreme Decision

In 2005, the United States Supreme Court issued the landmark decision in Kelo V. City of New London, which established that governments, invested… Read More

Tenants Rights & Eminent Domain

Eminent domain, also called condemnation, gives government agencies the power to take private property if they can meet two requirements… Read More

California’s Novel Eminent Domain Scheme

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “scheme” can refer to either “a plan, design, or program of action,” or “an underhand plot”… Read More

Eminent Domain Or Condemnation – An Overview

The U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment is the basis for the existence of the eminent domain concept and process. In a nutshell, eminent domain means … Read More

Pipeline Eminent Domain At Center Of Statehouse Bill Proposals

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is the foundation for the process of eminent domain. Eminent domain allows state governments to maintain and exert control over the land within their borders… Read More

Displacement of Family Farms, Eminent Domain and Fair Market Value

California is known for its combination of wide open spaces and dense urban centers. As populations continue to grow, the government of California is working out expand public infrastructure in many rural areas… Read More

Inverse Condemnation

Inverse condemnation is not a term often heard by the public at large, and is not even commonly discussed in legal circles because of its relative infrequency of occurrence. As a matter of fact, even in the arena of legal actions it can be said to be a niche practice, an area not engaged in by the majority of law firms… Read More

Eminent Domain Law – Valuing Temporary Construction Easements

Easements are access ways that cross one person or company’s property to get to another. They can run along the edge or through any portion of a property… Read More

Valuing Property Taken by Eminent Domain

Eminent domain was created to make sure that the government had access to land they could use to build structures deemed necessary for the improvement of the citizens… Read More

Eminent Domain Law in California

According to California law relevant to eminent domain (also referred to as condemnation) a governmental entity may only take your private property for public use… Read More

Eminent Domain Law: Selecting an Appraiser and Using Other Experts

The typical American citizen may not know the ins and outs of eminent domain law, at least not until that takings order arrives at your doorstep… Read More

Federal Guidelines on Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the practice whereby federal or state governments have the power to initiate a taking of a person’s real property for the benefit… Read More

Tenants Rights & Eminent Domain

When the government takes one’s land through eminent domain, the law entitles that property owner to certain benefits… Read More

Is Eminent Domain Always in the Public Interest?

Anyone who has every owned property is in some form or fashion familiar with the concept of eminent domain, the process whereby a government entity can come in and claim private property… Read More

Eminent Domain Law – Determining the Larger Parcel

Eminent domain is provided for in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This allows a government entity, whether local, state or federal, to take private propert… Read More