Settlement against Redevelopment Agency on behalf of our mechanic shop client

Experienced Eminent Domain Representation for California and Texas Clients

Settlement for our client in an eminent domain action versus the Unified School District

Settlement for loss of goodwill and relocation benefits for our "mercado" (small market) client

Settlement against the Redevelopment Agency on behalf of our mechanic shop client

Experienced Eminent Domain Representation for California and Texas Clients

California Eminent Domain Attorneys Protecting Your Rights, Property And Business

The eminent domain legal process can be a confusing and emotional experience. If you don’t know your rights, you may not get the full value for your property. Many people’s real property, or business they worked so hard to build, is their most valuable asset. Often they are not aware of the amount of compensation they deserve. By retaining Century Law Group, LLP to represent you, you can be confident that your rights are being aggressively protected.

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 1, Section 19 of the California Constitution both provide that the government must pay “just compensation” in order to take private property. Generally, “just compensation” is sought for the value of the real property being taken, improvements to the property, such as fixtures and equipment, and business goodwill. “Fair market value” in an integral concept in calculating fair market value.

Century Law Group, LLP‘s eminent domain lawyers work hard to safeguard your interests. From our offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Texas Law Offices, we represent clients across California.

Although over 90% of our cases settle before a trial, we advise clients to take to trial those matters where only an unreasonable lowball offer has been made. Our willingness to take a case to trial creates leverage against the government; government agencies know we are not afraid to take cases to trial because we try cases on a regular basis.

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Century Law Group, LLP is fully dedicated to the goals of our plaintiff clients in eminent domain cases. We never represent the government. Our attorneys work hard to ensure that you receive the full value for your real property or business when government agencies try to take them from you. Get the facts you need, and the guidance you deserve, starting today.

Compensating the owner of a business for loss of “goodwill” means that payment is provided for losses that typically occur when a business is compelled to move and relinquish benefits of a former location. This compensation also includes lost patronage and expenses accompanying efforts to prevent that loss. Valuing a business can be highly complex. Century Law Group, LLP can help. You can trust our experience, skills and service to get results.