Experienced Eminent Domain Representation for California and Texas Clients
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Texas Eminent Domain Representation

Our experienced Texas eminent domain team, led by Texas attorney Franz Michael “F.M.” von Hoffmann, exclusively represents property owners and business owners against condemning agencies. We never work on the agency side, we fight for the little guy.

We represent owners throughout Texas whose property or business is being adversely impacted by an eminent domain “taking.” In our representation of owners we attempt to minimize the effect of the proposed project on the property or business and help recover fair compensation in the pre-acquisition negotiation. We represent clients facing eminent domain in all phases from first notification, offer, and appraisal to settlement, mediation, or when necessary, trial. We pursue the amount of damages payable under the law if cases advance to the litigation stage.

We represent commercial, industrial, and special use property owners as well as business owners facing partial takes, easements, or full takings due to:

  • Infrastructure projects
  • Pipelines
  • Powerlines
  • Road widenings
  • Redevelopment projects
  • Transportation projects
  • Transmission lines

Our team of eminent domain and condemnation attorneys have established relationships with industry experts and consultants such as appraisers, surveyors, engineers, and developers throughout the state which mean you’ll have a qualified team available throughout the process.

Experienced Attorneys for Texas Eminent Domain Cases

Our eminent domain lawyers bring decades of combined experience to the eminent domain negotiation process and many of our cases settle before trial. However, we are trial attorneys and we are always prepared to go to trial. This reputation gives us invaluable leverage in the negotiation process. Our goal is always to achieve the most effective results for our property and business owner clients. Whenever possible we avoid the headache, time, and expense of litigation. Experienced representation is important through each step of this process.

Century Law Group, LLP fights hard to protect its clients’ property rights. Arrange your initial consultation by calling toll free – 800-465-4192. We respond promptly to all email inquiries.