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Riverside Eminent Domain Cases Pick Up Steam

Posted on April 10 2015 by Gabriela Ocampo

If the power of eminent domain or inverse condemnation is being used to acquire your property, you need to know your rights. Federal, state and municipal governments may have the right to take your property, but they must give you a monetary return of its true value. Finding legal representation to protect your rights requires a firm that understands property laws concerning eminent domain. Don’t sign an agreement in Riverside eminent domain cases until you speak to someone who knows the law and can help you get the most from your condemned property.

Why you should hire an Eminent Domain Attorney

Seeking skilled legal representation from a qualified lawyer who understands adverse condemnation through the power of eminent domain will help you get through the process with the best outcome. Eminent domain laws in California are complicated and seeking the advice of a law firm who specializes in this area of law will give you leverage that you will not have when dealing with this issue on your own, or with an attorney whose specialty is outside the realms of eminent domain law.

Who does Century Law Group help?

Century Law Group helps property and/or business owners who may be facing eminent domain or inverse condemnation. Any property or business owner dealing/negotiating with a governmental agency like Caltrans, Metro, other transportation authorities or City of Riverside is trying to acquire easements or full takings for low-ball offers.

What does Century Law Group do?

We help property and business owners negotiate with condemning agencies in Riverside eminent domain cases, for the fair market value of their property or business. We help recover fair compensation for property and business owners who are being taken advantage of or are being displaced by condemning agencies in eminent domain projects.

Why Century Law Group?

The community of expert eminent domain lawyers is a small one: niche practice area. We are one of the ONLY teams of attorneys who NEVER represent the condemning agencies in eminent domain actions. We ONLY represent property and/or business owners and our allegiance is never conflicted. We are solely motivated to get the amount of compensation from the condemning agencies to benefit our clients.

We help the good guys. Additionally, although over 90% of our Riverside eminent domain cases settle before trial, we advise clients to take to trial those matters where only an unreasonable lowball offer has been made. Our reputation for trying cases creates leverage for our clients in negotiating with the government throughout eminent domain talks.